Reluctant Angel of Death

It begins! I have started working the blurb for Things That Go Whoosh in the Night. I’ve been dreading writing this blurb, just feeling like I don’t know where to start, what to include without giving too much away, making sure I capture a very specific feel… But it just so happens that today, I was hit at random with the opening line I wanted to use, and it all started falling into place from there. It isn’t finished yet, but I’m very pleased with what I have, so I decided to make a teaser with the opening lines!

Update on writing progress: I’m up to 50k words, which was my original goal for this first installment in the A Deathly Light duet, but based on where I am in the story, I anticipate another 10k words before it’s finished. I’m writing an average of about 1k words a day, so I hope to have this one done and the second one well underway by the end of the month!

My plan was to finish both before putting the first up for preorder, because I want to make sure I can rapid-release them back-to-back, but as long as I make really good headway on the second, I might release Things That Go Whoosh in the Night sooner than planned. It’s currently set for an August release, but we’ll see – I’m hoping to bump it up to July, and have it available for preorder in May or June!


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