A Carousel of Shark Fins

Another short excerpt from Pillars of the Deep!


Vertigo spilled through me, the terror of my impending fate curbed only for one surreal instant in which I watched a mother orca and her calf leap from one wall of the vortex to the other, arcing in graceful tandem through the eye of the storm – whales in the sky – and then I collided hard with the railing and spilled like a rag doll over the edge.

My fingers clawed desperately for my salvation, catching like a grappling hook and nearly pulling my shoulder from its socket. Fleetingly, I hung suspended, astonished at how quickly my conversion back to a coastal crony had led to me drowning at sea.

That escalated quickly.

A carousel of shark fins stabbed through the whirlpool walls, spinning like an inverse razor blade beneath me, ready to shred me the instant I fell.

Which I did, of course. My sleeve-slick fingers could only cling to the railing for so long, my useless white-knuckled grip slithering off the beam and casting me into the sickening weightlessness of the whirling ocean pit.

Down past the sharks I fell, into the vortex that had been pulling on the fibers of my being all the way from Egypt, down into the churning gray depths of the sea.


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