A Deathly Light Cover Reveal – And a Surprise!

You know what day it is. Cover Reveal day! One of my favorite days in Writerville. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to reveal this cover, as I put it together long before I actually started writing the book (pretty sure it’s been collecting dust on my hard-drive for at least two years).

The book, however, has been planned since long before I created the cover. I came up with the idea years and YEARS ago, and while I’ve grasped time and time again at the right opportunity to sit down and write the thing (it’s had a number of ‘false starts’ consisting of a few cringe-worthy pages that I hope I tore up), I’m actually glad it’s taken me so long to get to the real deal. Why? Because it’s allowed the story to germinate. To evolve. To thoroughly permeate my subconscious so I have a really good feel for it, which has done wonders to the writing process now that I’m writing it. The words just pour out of me, every aspect of the story fully inspired. You know something is thoroughly thought through when it’s had years to stew. (Hey that rhymed).

I’m about 30k words into the writing process at the moment (which is about 140-150-ish pages), and I’m loving it. The release date is still pending, but more on that in a moment.

First…the cover teaser:

And only as I’m inserting the cover teaser into this post do I notice the big ‘March 31′ plastered across the image, and I’m giving myself a big ol’ wry kick in the pants, because do you know what today is? March 30th. Not the 31st. It’s not actually Cover Reveal day yet! Good gracious, I can’t keep track of my own schedule. Can you tell I was eager to drop this baby?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with an early cover reveal. I’m going through with it. There’s no stopping me now!


Isn’t it glorious? Ugh, I just can’t stand it. BUT EVEN MORE GLORIOUS…here comes the ‘surprise’ part of this post (though I guess the whole ‘cover reveal’ thing is kind of the essence of a surprise, so this is surprise #2….)

Based on how much I’ve written and where I am in the story, the book is going to end up being quite a bit longer than I first anticipated. So I’ve been toying with the idea of releasing it in two volumes instead of one (not unusual for me). I was somewhat resistant to the idea at first, because I just always envisioned it as a standalone novel, but as soon as I started thinking about it, the titles for both volumes popped into my head – BAM – and once I messed around with cover concepts for them…I was a goner.

So I’m going to be releasing it in two parts to begin with, and then I’ll do the combo version (with the above cover) somewhere soon down the line, as more of a ‘special edition’. SO…this cover reveal has just turned into a cover reveal X3!

Here are the covers for the divided volumes:


I know…they’re just too pretty, right? At least, I’m completely smitten with them.

A closer look:

And now it’s time to get back to writing double-time, so I can get these babies printed and hold them in my eager little greedy little antsy little hands.



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